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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Carbs, Jumprings, Open Studio, and Product Testing


I get this breakfast occasionally from the café downstairs. It's the "no carb" breakfast. Supposed to be eggs with bacon and cheese, that's it. The first time I ordered it, the sweet lady preparing it must have decided it looked skimpy because she added two pieces of toast. I laughed and mentioned that it wasn't exactly a "no carb" breakfast now.

I ordered it again today and as she prepared it behind the counter, I was debating in my head how I would deal with the toast should I be faced with it again. If it's there, throwing it away seems like a waste. Yet, eating it defeats the purpose of me ordering a "no carb" breakfast to begin with. I'm sort of a carb-aholic, so I really do want to try to cut some out on those rare occasions when I seem to have some will-power. But put something in front of me and it's five times harder to resist.

Got my container, came upstairs to my office, opened it up… no toast, but a heaping pile of fruit. Heh Oh well… I'll just call 'em "healthy" carbs.

Let it be known, however, that this salt-aholic opted for pepper rather than my usual. I am TRYING.


I'm re-thinking my earlier Nazi-ish stance on jumprings.

At the Bronze Metal Clay class, I made four charms. I attached these charms to some Bronze chain via jumprings. But here's the real kicker... I didn't have a clasp in class so I just put the bracelet on with another jumpring. I haven't taken the bracelet off since class. That means sleeping with it, showering with it, walking the dog with it... everything. Nothing has come undone. Wow!

I'll update you as to the gauge of the jumprings (once I get home and think of it), but for now let me just say I'm impressed and pleasantly surprised.

Oh, I guess if I take it off to measure the wire I could also photograph it. Ha ha ha!

Still haven't made it over to Tap Plastics, but I will probably have time in the next few days.


Stay tuned as I test beads and/or findings from ArtBeads in the upcoming months. I love doing product reviews!

Now, I have more to say, but I must run... lots to do today.


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