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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bead Purchases, Micro-Mosaic Project, and a Clasp Tutorial

Wow… wow… wow!!!

After a few days with no mail, everything arrived at once today. There was much gasping and "oh my gosh". I'm so happy!

First up, Lori Robbins' beads. Some of you may recall, I've mentioned Lori before because she was the first person I ever bought boro beads from. I was captivated back then and I'm still captivated.

I think boro is like cilantro or bell peppers… there aren't very many 'tweeners… you either love the stuff or you can't stand it.

Anyway, now that I have all these fun new beads I'm really bummed about being in Fresno all weekend… but we'll see what the following weekend holds… hopefully creative time.

The other gasp-worthy purchase was some vintage components from West Germany. They arrived still in the original wrappers! This is for my mosaic projects… which only exist on the periphery of my imagination still… not even planned out on paper. Eek! I'd better get to it.

Why does the internet seem so slow lately?

Listened to Mike on the radio today. What with the phone calls that come in and people asking me questions, I don't get to hear everything… but I also don't always understand what people are saying… like the guy who called in to the show. Didn't have a clue what he was talking about. Shrug.

Oh, got Animals In Translation today by Temple Grandin. I got it for Monica but I think I'll read it first.

Oh, someone on LE just pointed out this fabulous and very generous tutorial by Kate Drew-Wilkinson for creating an Egyptian Clasp. Here's part 2. She has other videos… check them out.

And darn it... now I am out of time. Hope to get one more post in before I'm off to Fresno.


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