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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The end of the world... and other issues


Tuesday… hm…

I had a pleasant chat with one of my healthcare providers the other day. She says it's not just a feeling that time is going faster; it really IS. The day's are shorter. I just thought this sense of time going faster was another bonus of growing older. But just for giggles, I looked up this other theory.

Hm… can't really find anything (yet) on the internet, but here's an interesting quote:
"They" have worked out that time seems to fly past faster as you get older. It is, they say because you unconsciously perceive the time you experience as a fraction of the time you have already experienced.

So, summers last forever to a young child, because they're a significant lump of their life so far. Summer flies by to me, because it is only (counts on fingers) 1/160 of my life so far.

Weekends are just a blur.

(thank you, Kiteman)

Other theories about the perception of speeding time include the idea that the Mayans or Aztecs or something like that predict the end of the world soon and as we near the end, time goes faster. Now, although that sentence sounded very trite, I watched a documentary recently that made it sound very probably that the earth's demise will come soon.

Okay, I did find some into (commentary, though… not articles) on the theory of time going faster and the earth having changed it's vibration, etc. But they were droll so I won't post any here.

Let's go back to that EETW (end of the world) prediction thing… Apparently, it's a pretty well-known theory. Go figure, I am always late to the game.

Meh… we'll see.


Okay, onto hockey now. I spent some time this week webmastering another hockey site and during my research I came across this interesting fact: Several women have competed in North American minor leagues, including goaltenders Charline Labonté, Kelly Dyer, Erin Whitten, Manon Rhéaume, and defenceman Angela Ruggiero.

Wow! One defensemen and four goaltenders! Mon, looks like if you want to continue playing boys' hockey (and she does), you picked the right position.

Going to Vacaville tonight. Ugh… I'm so tired, but I think that's mostly because the morning walk/trots Bear and I go on wear me out. Ha ha ha! They're supposed to be wearing HIM out.
I did jog a little this morning, but quickly realized it was anaerobic (at this point) so went back to "speed walking".

Still have to check out the gym in our apartment. And they put up flyers about some new exercise classes starting soon. Wonder if they'll conflict with other things we have planned.


I got some positive response from my previous posting about how I organize my jewelry-making process.

It got me to thinking, now that Alex and I are spending more time organizing SRAJD, maybe I ought to grab some of my old blog posts… the ones that pertain to jewelry info… and

And aside from hating all of eBay's recent changes, here's a good one. It won't keep track of our stats (views and such) unless we access that application every so often, but every time I try to access it I'm told it's temporarily unavailable. Gah!

Here are two listings I finally got up (onto eBay at least):

I'm trying to get some more new listings up today or tomorrow.


I'm thinking of a change. Stay tuned…

And now, some of my latest favorites from ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.

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