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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Storms, Sybil, Necklaces, Hockey, Sleeping In, Cats

Saturday started with warm sunshine, which made my dad’s phone call not make too much sense… but I was trying to pretend his call hadn’t woken me up (don’t ask… I do that kind of thing… save other people’s feelings at any cost… it’s a habit, from forever… even when it’s nonsensical). Anyway, he wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be a problem to postpone his visit since driving during a severe storm wasn’t his cup of tea. No problem… but it was still hard to fathom that within 24 hours the weather could turn that much. After breakfast I took Bear for a walk and was HOT in my tank top and sweat pants.

I’m watching the Sybil remake. I don’t know why… it’s sort of a captivating subject.

I’m halfway through a necklace… I think I’ve discovered that it takes more time for me to design a piece than it does to make it… for most pieces anyway.

Hockey was great today. First the Penguins won (mini yay), then the Sharks won (bigger yay) then Monica’s team beat a team they usually get stomped by (uber yay!).

Oh heck, it’s 10pm! Okay, not that that’s late… for most people… but I’m a morning person, so still being up and about at 10pm for no reason…well, that is unusual.

I think the coolest part of retirement (okay, ONE of the coolest parts) would be the ability to go to bed and wake up when my body wants to rather than based on some schedule I keep in order to keep my job, get my kids to school, walk the dog, etc.

And speaking of the dog… he’s great, but I really, really miss the cats. I am and always have been a cat person. I don’t like waiting this long between visiting them… and look forward to being able to reunite with them permanently.

Okay, in light of the fact that I just realized how late it is… heh… I think I’ll sign off now.


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  1. I do the same thing, try not to use the sleepy voice and just say, I was still in bed but I wasn't asleep. I don't know why I do it, I don't think it's to spare their feelings. Maybe I'm afraid it would be too decadent to still be asleep. Something else to take up with my therapist, if I ever get one.