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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pricing Calculator, more Bronze Metal Clay, Project List, and Old Movies

So, back to where I left off… Bronze Metal Clay…

Here’s what Monica made in class:

Nice, huh.

Anyway, the class was at Kiss My Glass store in Santa Cruz run by the very lovely and very nice Jackie Marr. The class itself was with uber fun instructor Kathy Corby.

Check out other upcoming classes.

I know Monica and I will be done there again for more.

Pricing Calculator

One of my non-jewelry sales on Etsy was my pricing calculator. It’s an excel file with some formulas built in to calculate a few variations of pricing suggestions after making a piece of jewelry, both retail and wholesale. I also included a worksheet that calculates the price of metal per inch or per foot when you’ve purchased it by the ounce (which you often do with Sterling Silver and Gold-Fill), including most gauges.

I need to put that item up on my other listing places.

And I’m WAY behind in listing items to my own store. Hmph!


Some things I want time to work on this year include:
Mixed media on canvas
Printed digital art
Metal Clay (both Bronze and Silver)
Polymer Clay


Okay, don’t laugh too hard, but… I got “Jason and the Argonauts” to watch with Monica… well, that and a Sidney Crosby documentary. But last night was mythology night. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I still like that movie!

We got tired, though, so will have to watch the second half Monday.

This weekend I may watch Quigley Down Under if I have time. I can do computer or make jewelry while watching tv. And no, the tv isn’t ALWAYS on… I just like certain things. Like in the mornings we always watch “Growing Up…” about wildlife rehabilitators.

Okay, Sharks are starting now… TTYL!

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  1. almost looks like my lab...

    mona & the girls...

    check out Jessi's Connor ..he's pictured with her...he's not much of a digger though.. he's into tennis balls

    ps u have a great week