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Friday, March 6, 2009

Jewelry-Making Crisis, Argentium, Bronze Metal Clay, Pmc Guild


Okay, had another jewelry-making mental crisis today. I was doing some online shopping, picking up my usual components like wire, jumprings, etc. The "bad" feeling hit me before understanding did… it was the same kind of feeling I get when I go to a bead show and see all the jewelry made from mass-produced imports and/or the nice jewelry designs that are on every booth there.

I think it makes me feel insignificant in the jewelry market. Not in a bad way, just in a "nudge" kind of way. Like… I've got to do something different, special, new… something that hasn't been done to death. Which is pretty much what I'm doing now.

Why? Because of time constraints. I sit down and say, "Okay, I don't have time to start a big metal-smithing project or a pc project, etc, so I'll just string some beads."

I'm not dissing bead-stringing. It still takes different levels of skill and creativity to: Select interesting beads, Design a nice piece, Craft the jewelry with skill and care for comfort and longevity, etc.

But still… it doesn't scream "I'm different… look at me!"

And so I have to think of ideas to change this.

Here are my ideas so far:

I think I'll destash some (a lot) of my beads. I still love beads and will never stop loving beads, but if I'm surrounded by a bazillion beads, it keeps me in the cycle of "creating easy".

I'll quit buying bunches of new beads. Heh

I'll list out the things I want to work on and plan out ways to get organized and break the process down into steps.

I think I get overwhelmed by the millions of things I want to do/create. It's like the internet… there's just too much… and I don't want to get caught in the headlights and just freeze up.


There are other projects I want to work on, too, that have nothing to do with jewelry. I want to get back to notecards and wall pictures.

Would love to do some tutorials. In a way that's kinda scary, though. It's kind of like saying, "Well, I'm an expert at this so just follow along." I guess I don't feel like an expert at anything. The quintessential Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.

But I did sell another Pricing Calculator this week. I feel okay about that 'cause not everyone wants to write calculations in Excel. And $5 is a pretty good price for something that may be used on a daily basis for years to come. I should list it on eBay and ArtFire and in my store, too. I was waiting for a little feedback first, but I do offer money-back guarantee.


I'm buying some for the first time. I'm getting wire and chain. Will let you know my opinion after using it.


And I finally ordered the charcoal and kiln dish so Mon and I can experiment with BMC. I'd like to make components, for myself and perhaps for others. Rio seems to be one of the few places that has almost all the supplies you need for BMC.

I've ordered from four different places today. Wire and findings from one, BMC from another, smart beads and resin from a third, and chain from the fourth. Wheesh!


This place is awesome!


Got the papers from the ex's lawyer. A glaring omission. I can't help wondering if it's another stall tactic. Argh! The kids will be 18 before the dumb custody paperwork goes through. I gave up asking for money… now I'm just trying to make sure the kids make it to their hockey events. Yeesh!

Okay, want to end on a happier note…

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