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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jewelry, ArtFire, Flatfish Lampwork Bead, and Vegetable Soup


So the other day, when I was placing orders, one of the things I was looking for was larger sized smart beads. "Smart beads" are those stopper beads that are filled with a silicone gel and you can wedge them up against other beads on wire bangles or chain. Like this:

Anyway, I had to order the smart beads from somewhere I don't usually order, and I just couldn't fathom placing such a small order so I perused the online catalog. Found something that looked like fun and ordered a few (different colored resin beads).

We got the order last night and I couldn't resist. Grabbed the big black resin beads and ran over to my box of lampwork sets to see if anything sparked some creativity in me.

I hadn't on been planning to go "ethnic" with the piece, but then again, when do I ever plan to do anything.

The necklace turned out quite nice. It's not a show-stopped, but it's also no slouch… or at least *I* don't think so.

I have to run to Best Buy after work to replace the cord to my MP3 player that I'll no doubt find the second I lay out bucks for its replacement… but when I get home and after I deal with dinner, I'll try photographing my latest few pieces.

Yeah, I haven't been making much the past couple of weeks, but there have been a FEW pieces. I've got this black necklace (with matching earrings), a chunky two-strand necklace featuring Carnelian and lots of gold accents… I finally took off my bronze metal clay bracelet so I can shoot that… I can photograph a pendant necklace Mon made for herself last night with a bead Alex gave to her… Oh, there's a charm bracelet Monica made… what else… hm… well, maybe that's it. I will be trying out my new backgrounds. Wish me luck!


Made my first ArtFire sale. Heh… not jewelry, though. I listed the Pricing Calculator… and within five minutes it had been purchased. But that makes sense actually 'cause that's when it was on the front page of ArtFire as a newly listed item. After that… yeesh… I'm sure my stuff gets BURIED. Ha ha ha!

Continued from previous blog blathering…

So yeah, Patrice and Alex and I met up there last Saturday and had a really great time checking out the studio and watching Sharon Peters demo an "Oh Sh** Flatfish"… which was absolutely amazing.

I didn't even know Alex was paying attention that much to the tutorial (you see, I was yapping non-stop to Alex the whole time), but she went home and made the cutest freakin' little fish. I'm currently asking her permission to post a picture here so you can see. I'm sure she'll say yes… she's like that. But then she'll also make some disparaging remark about it which I'll have to ignore or give her a virtual smack up-side the head… but I have to be careful with those because Alex is rather a tough cookie and at times she scares me.

And tada! I knew Alex would let me show you.

Isn't he totally awesome!


Oh dear… one of my email addies is going bananas! I just received like 100 emails all at once! Is it because I cleared out a bit of space there earlier today? Sigh…

The thing is… they're from like last summer! Wow, now I get to see if I missed anything important. Heh…


Being a tad under the weather this week (and last), I didn't really feel like a big lunch today. Actually, a smoothie sounded like just the ticket. So I went out to get one… and got side-tracked by a sign on a deli with today's soup specials. One was vegetable. It may sound weird but I find it rather hard to find good vegetable soup. Sometimes it's vegetable with meat/chicken, other times it's vegetable with pasta… and sometimes it's just awful soup.

So as I write this, let me tell you, I am eating a FABULOUS bowl of vegetable soup.

It's the little things in life… good vegetable soup really makes me happy. What can I say.

Speaking of food (sort of), I finally found a b-complex vitamin pill that doesn't make me want to puke throughout the day. It must release the b vitamin over the course of the day rather than the old fashioned ones that used to just dump all that nauseous-making b at once.

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  1. Yep, best to ignore the disparaging comments...because you know how I can be... ;) And tell Mon the flatfish is here waiting for her...