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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wire-Wrapping Attempt, Inspiration, Fear of New Things

Fear of New Things

Me? Not usually, but I seem to have a problem with certain jewelry making techniques/tools.

I bought some Art Clay Silver when it was first coming into the main stream and I didn’t open the package until four years later. How pathetic is that? Ha ha ha!

I had a flexshaft that I didn’t even take out of the box for nearly a year. As it is, I think I’ve used it once since then (and that was about six months ago).

I have a jumpring maker and a bead liner… both of which I really want to use… but it’s like… well, it’s so complicated to figure out how to use them and what all I need to order to make them work.

Maybe if I start doing beady nights once a month or so, I’ll come across someone who can show me how to use the tools I have. The jumpring maker REALLY needs to be learned because I am in serious need of jumprings. Ha ha ha! Please, don’t tell me how much easier and cheaper it is to just saw them on a wooden down or something like that. I can’t. Okay?

Well, maybe I could… but I just don’t have the desire to do that and end up with raggedy edges and have to file them, etc.


Speaking of technology… I have Photoshop Elements at home and just got Photoshop CS4 at work. Ack… it’s like two different languages. I am totally lost in CS4. Totally.

Time for Jewelry Making

So, starting tonight, I have no hockey games/practices to take anyone to for several days. Fancy that. Easter, I believe, is the first day I’ll have to take someone to hockey.

So…. I’d better be ready to use my time wisely. Can’t waste it sitting there going, “Hm… now what should I make?” :-)

I may leave the beads aside for a bit and concentrate on wire and metal clay.

Okay, several hours later… I didn’t do any jewelry. I decided to finally list some more estate items. I took photos. They should be up in a few days.

Comments on Comments

BTW, I stand corrected on my opinion about not using “objects” in photographs of beads or jewelry. I still agree with my original opinion for 99% of what I see, but every once in awhile I run across some photos that are just beautiful and there is a subtle piece of rock or branch or leaf in the photo.

One of the artists I want to feature in an upcoming blog entry uses just such a technique for her exquisite photos. I hope to be showing you her work very soon.


Here’s a photo I took (with my phone) as I was walking through Oakland the other day. Something about the red tape on the monotone building really struck me as … a usable jewelry inspiration.

I’ll let you know if I do anything with it. If YOU do, show me!


Another phone photo (sorry).

With all the hockey activities lately, I’ve been going through jewelry-making withdrawal. So I grabbed some wire and tried to entertain myself.

The first thing I made was a disaster. Not in looks, but in practical use. It was a completely wire-wrapped bracelet, but my little wrist hairs catch in it when I tried it out. Ack! And ouch!

The second thing (these earrings) came out better, but still fairly unimaginative. I’m thinking I’ll patina them and then maybe do a quick eBay listing.

Here is a REALLY bad photo of a really cool magnifying glass I gave my mom… made with Alex Spinglaschell beads.

Anyway, it’s 9:30pm and I’m getting tired so will call it an evening now. Mon and I are gonna go spend some quality time together now vegging on the couch (and I get a foot rub!).

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