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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just chit chat

Took Gabe to practice last night and decided to waste the first of my three hours there window shopping.

I pulled into the plaza parking lot, saw two clothing stores, a Michael’s, and an Orchard Supply Hardware store. I opted for the hardware store. :-)

I understand my reasoning for that, but it got me to wondering why I have always liked wandering around hardware stores looking at all the cool stuff. Shrug

Anyway, I picked up a small bag of brass washers and a small bag of brass nails. I’ll show you if I make anything with them.

I want to work. It’s bugging me that I’ve had no time at home. The ONE TIME I had a few hours (yesterday between work and taking Gabe to practice), the kids wanted to play tennis. Sigh…

Well, starting tomorrow after work I’ll have some “me” time. I’d better be prepared. Nothing worse than finally having time to work and then not knowing where to start. I hope I have enough energy to get the metal clay out. That’s a more involved project than beading. Or… maybe I should finish up that Toni Lutman necklace I started awhile ago (and forgot about… out of sight, out of mind).

Anyway… gotta go… I look forward to more creating and more blogging in my near future. :-)

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