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Friday, March 5, 2010

Wire Worker Huan Pham, Cats Translated Video, Hilarious Babbling Infant Video, REALLY Useful Auto Information, Master Goldsmith Alex Maryaskin


Ooooo, got some cool stuff coming up this weekend. :-) I have the bracelet that I mentioned earlier, with handcrafted fine silver charms and Anita Pepper boro lampwork… and then last night I made a cool (but substantial) bracelet with yet again some boro lampwork beads, but this time combined with a ton of silver, charms, flowers, crystals, pearls and gemstones. The shades are purple, green and blue… nice color combo.

I have four enameled charms ready to be used, but I’m not EXACTLY sure what I want to do with them. I would like to make a pair of earrings, but I’m concerned because the enameled design is only on one side of the charms (back side is counter-enameled) and I don’t know how acceptable it is to have earrings with one-sided dangles… they’re gonna spin and turn while worn. Hm… I’ll have to think about this one.


So here I am, wanting to introduce you to another artist I admire. This is Alex Maryaskin, a master goldsmith from the Ukraine, who’s main website is Art of Filigree… but he also has an Etsy shop: Art of Filigree.

Alex has kindly given me permission to show you some of his work here.

Now see, if *I* were to have a diamond ring, I would want one that no one else in the world would also have. I would love to know that someone designed their own creation and carefully crafted such a thing as this (below) with great joy for their work.

Here are some more pieces that attracted me to Alex’s work…

Alex also works with some of the coolest looking stones (and some AMAZING Opals)…

Now forgive the size of this (and I know the whole thing won’t fit on this blog page… you can see the proper photo on Alex’s website), but I have to show you this in any way I can…

Amazing, no?

Thanks Alex for permission to brag on ya! We are proud to say that Alex is a member of our international organization for Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design (SRAJD).


This is a cool site: Driverside. You can get estimates of your car’s worth. Here’s a place where you can get ideas of what service might be needed for your car based on symptoms. And this one is REALLY useful; estimates of what to pay for certain car repairs.

You can also look up safety recalls of your vehicles and/or sign up to be notified of future recalls.

And THIS is so worth sharing again. :-) (You gotta have your volume on!)

And volume necessary for this one too…


Here’s an artist I’d love to get in touch with. His name is Huan Pham and he works with wire.

He has a book ”A Wirework Odyssey”, which I’m guessing is self-published.

Go to his blog and scroll through all the older posts. WOW! And drop me a line if he resurfaces.

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