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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bear Sleep Gifts Logo Friends Movies Strangers


I wonder if Bear knows it’s Saturday, and I’m not really going to work when I leave the apartment today, but instead I’m sneaking off without him.

I’m going to a friend’s house to help her pack for a move and I don’t think it would be good for him to tag along, but I feel like I’m cheating on him.

It’s like when I come home in the evening. Once I’m there, I’m his… I have to take him with me if I go anywhere from that point on until the next morning.

Summer might be rough. Right now, he CAN go most places with me because it’s not so hot he can’t stay in the car while I’m running my errands.


And what am I doing up after having had only five hours of sleep?! I guess I’ll either go to bed really early tonight or I’ll have a… a… a nap? Moi!?!?


Have you ever given someone a gift but you don’t want to be there when they open it ‘cause you’re kind of embarrassed by it? Sigh… I have one of those. About to give a classy lady something very hokey. I hope she’s one of those “It’s the thought that counts” kind of people. Heh.


Read an(other) interesting book on color. Decided to finally take the plunge and design one logo for our company and try to stick with it. Will definitely have to contemplate the color scheme some more, though.


Got to see a lot of my friends today… a LOT. From both the hockey world and the beading world.

There were sad undertones to lunch, but that’s mostly because I’m going to miss my friend who’s moving. Tomorrow is her birthday. Happy Birthday!

Then I went over to Logitech, watched a bit of the championship games, and had a few chats with friends. It’s nice seeing people I haven’t seen in months. And I got to hear about an incredible last-three-minutes come-back by the Oakland Bears Midget team. Great going, boys!


I’m watching Seven Up. This kind of documentary fascinates me.


Yesterday, at different points in the day, four complete strangers engaged me in very lovely conversation. I was surprised, but it was pleasant. I wonder if the stars were aligned for this kind of thing. It certainly SEEMED out of the ordinary.

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  1. All I can say is...IT WASN'T A HOKEY GIFT!!! I would have been honoured to receive a gift like that...and, I think she liked it too...