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Friday, March 13, 2009

Art is Important, Toxic MSG, Argentium


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. –Robert Collier


Now, as a segue to yesterday's segment (about why people feel the need to create or be creative), someone on LE posted this YouTube video. It is awesome. I hope take a few minutes to click on the hyperlink and watch it (with your volume on).


Mom sent me an article about MSG. Boy, was that eye-opening. I've always known MSG wasn't a GOOD thing, but I didn't realize just what a BAD thing it is. And in light of the fact that I'm not into being fat, I think that starting immediately I will eliminate as much MSG from my diet as possible. I'm guessing, however, that much like those who tried to eliminate "made in China" products from their household… I will find the task much harder than imagined.

After reading a few articles in PubMed, it appears MSG is in … ack… almost everything. I may have to go back to the Paleo diet and eat my food in its simplest state.

BTW, here are some things that may contain MSG and not actually spell it out on the ingredients list :
anything fermented
anything protein fortified
anything ultra pasteurized
autolyzed yeast
barley malt
calcium caseinate
enzyme modified
hydrolyzed oat flour
hydrolyzed plant protein
hydrolyzed protein
hydrolyzed vegetable protein
malt extract
malt flavoring
natural beef or chicken flavoring
natural flavoring
olyzed protein
plant protein extract
potassium glutamate
sodium caseinate
soy protein
soy sauce
textured protein
whey protein
yeast extract
yeast food

See what I mean?

BTW, did you know that MSG is what they inject rats with to fatten them up (okay, to make them obese) for scientific and medical research. If I'm not mistaken, it's how they cause Diabetes in rats.

Have a look yourself:
article 2
article 3


Anyway, our order came in today… Mon (if she remembers to) will pick up the package after school. We'll have to make time this weekend for some experimenting.

BTW, if you google "Bronze Metal Clay", Monica's necklace shows up on the first page of google images.

Got my order of this too. Gabe and I were in the car, waiting for Monica, so I opened the box and showed him what I'd ordered. I asked him if he knew what it (the Argentium) was. His guess: "Silver". So I said, what KIND of silver? Of course he then guessed sterling.

So I told him about it… (very non-technical and probably not completely accurate) how they've replaced the copper with Geranium.

"You mean Germanium?" he corrected me.

"Yeah, that's it."

We noticed it appears a little "whiter" than the sterling wire we purchased at the same time. Does that mean the sterling already had a smidge of oxidation or does it mean the argentium is naturally a bit whiter than sterling? Shrug

Maybe tonight we'll break out the butane torch and if I can make a decent headpin, I'll have Gabe take over.


Well, I'm gonna sign off now. I hope to have some thing(s) to show you soon.


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