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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday? How did that happen?

Hm... I won't have time for a really good blog entry until Thursday evening. That's my first "free time".

The bad news is that a weekend just passed and I didn't do any good long blog posts.

The good news is the reason why. Because of that fine silver bracelet I made this weekend. Yeah, I know... how can the whole weekend have been taken up making ONE bracelet?

Well, there were a few forays out of the house. I wasn't working on the bracelet non-stop for two days. But art clay silver (by a newbie) can definitely be a time-consuming thing.

I really enjoyed making it, though (except for the part where I dropped one of the pieces and had to remake it... twice). I loved the very slow filing of the green clay (too much or too fast and the damage can be irrepairable). I didn't think I liked filing, but I do.

I guess I should finish the experiments I started with decoupage, too. But that's not something I can do on the road... and in a few minutes I'll be heading to Dublin (will get back at midnight). After work today, I took Bear to the dog park and the kids to the tennis courts.

Made pot roast for the first time. Well, the crockpot made it. It's so cool coming home and having dinner ready without having to cook.

Okay, I'm going to take off now, but first a bit of useless trivia. :-)

Ambergris is not only from sperm whales (which I knew), it's from the hard-to-digest giant squid beaks eaten by the sperm whales.

And how come only dead giant squids have been seen? No one's ever seen a live one.

Oh wait... I stand corrected (click on the pic for the story).

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