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Friday, January 15, 2010

Jewelry Giveaway, SRAJD Articles, Metal Clay Info, and Boots


So I've decided that rather than give my non-happy-making creations away, most of them I'll just cannibalize.

BUT... there are a few things I *can* give away and as soon as I get good photos, I'll show them to you and ... um... give them away.

I made one thing last night that is really neat. But it's not good enough (by my standards) to sell and it took too long to make for me to consider cannibalizing... so... I hope it ends up with someone who likes it as much as I do. Not sure yet HOW I'll run the giveaways.


We've got three new articles in our RESOURCES section:

1) Wax Carving: Tips, Resources, and Advice by Amanda Katz (SRAJD #1220)

2) Turk's Head Knot Ring: Detailed Description, Tips, and Useful Links by Amanda Katz (SRAJD #1220)

3) And an off-site video tutorial on "Bernzomatic Brazing Rods" by Gary Snyder.

And we've got a few more planned for early next week (a "Sand Casting" tutorial, product review for sand papers, and info on wedding jewelry).


This link has some very cool info. Check out that first pdf.

But really, the Metal Clay Academy is just an invaluable resource for metal clay artists.

The gallery is to die for.


Who I've taken to calling "Boo" instead. Maybe it's because I just watched Monsters, Inc. last weekend… maybe it's because this cat is so scared. Shrug

Anyway, he's becoming a cute little terror. Last night, he had several LONG occasions of playing on my bed, on top of my covers. Most likely chasing his tail. When I'd reach for him, he'd disappear of course… but then he'd come right back up, leaping about for what seemed like hours at a time (but I'm sure was only minutes).

Well, that's about it for now. I should have more time to create and post after this weekend.


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