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Friday, January 8, 2010

Flower Petal Light, Toni Lutman, Foster #3

Neat Inventions

This is kind of an interesting idea. It’s a light that opens and closes, brightens and dims.

Featured Artist

Actually, it’s not like I’m doing a big feature on any artists… I just want to share (as often as I can) some things I like… people that make things I like. :-)

So today’s “featured artist” is Toni Lutman of WildWoods Art Glass studio in Carmichael, California.

I met Toni through Alex (who knows the coolest beady people!) at the local bead shows.

(BTW, I’m DROOLING over a necklace that Alex made with some of Toni’s beads just recently…. Maybe she’ll let me show a pic here in my blog.)

Now the hard part… I want to show a few of Toni’s beads, but picking which ones to show is SO hard…. There are SO many beauties and they are all different.

Oooo, that was fun! :-)

Foster #3

Although it’s only our second TIME fostering, this is our third foster kitty (the first time was two kitties).

In my 48 years of life so far, I’ve seen cats injured, sick, and die before my eyes. It’s all sad, but I find a much deeper sadness when thinking about Boots (as named by the SPCA).

Boots is four months old and seemingly terrified of everything. He was introduced to me as a very “hissing” cat and one who will run from me when I want to pick him up. Thankfully I’ve found neither of those to be the case. But he is far from “normal”.

BTW, I purposely put the cat bed on the couch backwards because Boots prefers to be “hidden” (or what HE thinks of as hidden).

This is his photo on day two and it epitomizes his current personality. The poor little boy gets all curled up and rigid when you hold him (although he does relax after an amount of time in the same position). He’s so rigid (I can’t think of a better word) that his tail is bound tight to his body… forcibly.

When you pick him up, the first thing he does is hides his face into a crook. Almost like he’s saying, “I don’t want to see life.”

He’s like the ferals I’ve taken care of (the real ferals… born and raised in the wild without human contact) except that I can pick him up, hold him, and pet him. Otherwise, he’s got that same attitude… 100% fear of EVERYTHING.

I’m guessing he was sleeping on the bathroom rug this afternoon because when I came home, the rug was flipped up (like someone made a hasty exit from it) and little Boots was hiding in the bathtub between the two shower curtains. Ugh! Since that seems to be one of his favorite places to be, I’ll at least line the tub with towels tomorrow. I can’t stand the idea that he’s on that cold porcelain.

He took his meds from me fine this morning… no hissing, fighting, scratching… nothing. Just that same rigid body that goes into hiding if I’m not holding him.

I worry that his life is nothing but sleeping. I know that sometimes cats sleep as a reaction to stress (like at cat shows… not all cats… it’s just how SOME cope with stress), but this is a four month old kitten. He should be tearing around the house, jumping after pieces of paper, and sounding like a stampede of horses.

I do hope he relaxes a little in the next few weeks.

Sharks Play Detroit Saturday

Wish I could take the kids to a game one of these days. Gabe even mentioned that he would have liked to go to that game in particular. Well, I’m sure we’ll go someday. It’s been a couple of years… we’re due. :-)


Well, I’m having lunch with Alex tomorrow (Yay!). I’m going to see if I can get my create juices to produce anything useful for her (I don’t have time to do any PMC, though).

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