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Friday, August 14, 2009

Metal Clay (Silver this time) and More from the Dartmouth Trip

Metal Clay

I have class with Hadar tonight. I know it will shock the heck out of you, but I don't have a clue what I'll be working on. I guess I'll take my peacock and finish his bottom (the backside of him… I mostly finished the front… just need to touch it up a bit. I have to figure out how, exactly, I want to do the tail.

I had much (totally unnecessary) attention last night at the rink during Gabe's practice as I disemboweled five feather dusters in order to get the exact feathers I wanted for this piece.

Did I already show you the body (so far)?

Remember these?

After oxidizing and polishing, here they are...

Just a quick snapshot, but they look okay to me.

And remember these?

That photo was, like the other one, after tumbling. Then I added patina, buffed the top layer, and made a quick bracelet for Monica (the beads weren't good enough to try to sell)…

More from the Dartmouth Trip

Finally forwarded the photos from my phone to my email, where I was able to upload them. If the quality looks sub-par, remember, I took these from my phone.

I shot a couple of the campus buildings…

Here's the outside of the hockey arena...

Here's a house that was near campus...

Anyway, I'm kind of mentally tired today so I don't have much to write about. Well, maybe I do, but it's not going to come out. Getting home at midnight on Tuesdays and Thursdays is going to be a drag.


Mike B. said... You're way overcomplicating the exercise thing. While exercise is good for you, the reality of weight loss is that it's like 90% diet, 10% exercise. In fact, there was a recent study (one that I don't entirely agree with) that said exercise is actually almost counterproductive for weight loss because people tend to eat more when they work out (most people have no clue how many calories exercise burns or how many calories they consume).

You'd start losing weight by simply adjusting your diet and practicing portion control. You don't eat a regimented diet (or you never used to) and you don't really seem to consider the caloric intake of what you are eating.

How much walking do you do per day already? Adding more exercise to that probably isn't going to help you lose weight (although, walking is honestly a terrible way to get lean). If you really want to shed pounds you'll have to take a good hard look at what you're eating and how you can eat better. I'm happy to help you with that since I've got a little experience with it.

Oh and Randal is the best. That's not my favorite Randal quote by a long shot, but he's arguably the best character Kevin Smith has ever created.

Yeah, I'm sure I am overcomplicating everything. In a way, it's like pricing jewelry, though. Some people think they're doing a fine job until I have them add up their materials' cost, their time, and their overhead… then they realize they've been practically GIVING their stuff away.

So if I can just SEE what a day of 1500 calories is like, I can SEE that I've been inputting way more than I need to survive. Wish I didn't like the TASTE of food so much. The other problem is that my lifestyle is a bit hectic so if I don't plan ahead, I'm caught in a bad situation. Need to learn to have healthy foods on-hand at all times.

Like tonight… I walked to work… I'm at the office all day… I walk home, pee the dog, get in the car, and go to class. I get home at 10pm… blah! I'm not going grocery shopping at ten at night. Yesterday I got home around midnight. Shrug. The days when I do get an hour or two at home… I'm usually to tired to move. Ha ha ha!

Total walking per day is a minimum 50 minutes. But I don't walk to "get lean"… I walk because I don't want to pay $120 per month to park my car near the office.

Melanie-Pearl said... haha. love Clerks.

also love your dietspeak. am doing the same calculating these days.

have a new pact going with myself until my 34th birthday in Nov: can't do any art stuff (includes jewelry tinkering) until i've worked out for the day.

have decided i'd like to be around to create for a long time. isn't going to happen with me just sitting in the studio.

still. ugh.

Melanie, let me know how your diet thing works. BTW, I love the painted tummy on your blog. I've always thought pregnant women were really gorgeous… now even moreso, eh? :-)

BTW, your copper pieces are amazing! My hat's off to you for doing such a great job… so far I'm finding copper to be the most difficult to work with (of the three). Ugh! Where are you buying your copper clay?

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