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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Baubles on Etsy

Well, leaving the apartment in 13 minutes to take Gabe to hockey practice. I had some stuff I was gonna show you but it's on my flash stick and I've got my MP3 player downloading Religulous at the moment and I only hope it will be done before we have to go.

Not because I want to watch the documentary during Gabe's practice... I want my MP3 player to listen to the Sharks game during Gabe's practice.

I put a few baubles on Etsy today. Here, I'll show you.

BTW, you can find them here.

Heh... sorry for the overkill.

Anyway, gotta go now... will report back tomorrow with new stuff and a featured artist.

Oh, forgot to say thanks to everyone who showed interest in my sterling and garnet bangle. THANKS!!! I have a taker.


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