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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What are your "green" methods?

Monica spent all day working with metal clay. We’re baking it tonight ‘cause she has to leave tomorrow afternoon. She’ll wake up early tomorrow, it’s guaranteed. Ha!

I have to pick up more bronze when I’m at Hadar’s this week. I’ll have to email her and see if I can go to Thursday’s class as well as Friday. Gotta catch up.

So… let me think of other ways I’m trying to be greener lately…

I’m now using recycled paper to print my invoices. I’m using handmade cards to include with purchases. I’m reusing jewelry boxes when I can.

At the office, I no longer go to the fridge and help myself to the endless supply of plastic water bottles. I have a coffee cup and I just wash it every morning and use it all day, filling it with cold water from the tap.

Share your tips with me!

I recently saw a post by a lampworking vendor (I think) where they listed all kinds of things they to do be greener. Wish I’d paid more attention.

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