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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blackberry storm, Etsy, SRAJD, Bronze Metal Clay and the rest of life

Wow… Okay, I'm not even going to say it… but you KNOW what I was gonna say, huh?

You can generally tell what my recent life has been like by the presence or absence of blog posts by me. I *want* to post every day… but some days it's just impossible.

That always reminds me of the things I've been hearing ever since the internet was invented (but there were still variations of it before the internet).

"It takes five minutes to write me an email. What, you can't spare five minutes?"


Sorry, but if I have twelve people saying that… suddenly it's an hour… and right… I rarely have an hour per day to send emails.

The problem is, I don't have twelve people… I have like several hundred. Yes, some are (theoretically) more entitled to my time than others… and yes, not ALL of them would have to be emailed each day… but still… there's just not enough time in a day to meet everyone's expectations. And so… I won't make myself crazy trying to fulfill those expectations. I will do what I can when I can.

I do, however, apologize for leaving the blog for so long. Some cool stuff to talk about, though (well, not cool in the sense that ANYONE will be remotely entertained by my words, but cool in the sense that I get to yap about whatever I want and talk about fun stuff and that's happy-making).

Where to start…

BlackBerry Storm

I recently earned an upgrade on my phone service provider so I am now the very happy owner of a BBS (Blackberry Storm… touch-screen phone). I love it. There are a lot of things I love about it, but one of the absolute best is the GPS navigation system. OMG, I can find gas stations, restaurants, short routes to my destination… everything! And it's not just by a map… my phone talks to me and TELLS me how to get where I'm going. I LOVELOVELOVE it. Could have used this many years ago, but better late then never.

New Year's Resolution

I have been sucking at this. I only made one resolution… to keep in touch with certain people… I haven't sent a nice letter to any of them. I have been in touch with LM in Texas, so maybe that counts 'cause she is definitely one of the people I want to stay in touch with in life.


This project has been taking the better portion of the days (and some nights) for Alex and I since the transition. I have high hopes for the group, but it's definitely a lot of work.

Will keep you posted.

Oh, but if you haven't seen the new layout… check it out!


Okay, hold onto your hats for this one… are you sitting down? Drum roll, please…

After almost three years of being a seller on Etsy… tada! I have made my first jewelry sales there. Yay!

Who says stubborn doesn't pay off? ;-)

Bronze Metal Clay

So, my present to Monica for her 14th birthday was for us both to take a class in BMC. It was in Santa Cruz, on a Friday night and Saturday morning so we stayed at the (very warm) inn across the street Friday night.

Had a wonderful, seaside lunch with Alex before Friday's class (thank you!) then buckled down for some learning.

Oy… the photo(s) of Monica's creation are at home… I'll try to remember to upload them tonight and post them tomorrow… along with the info about the class and the instructor.

I made some charms for a bracelet that I put on that day and haven't taken off since (and NOT just because there's no clasp…. Hmph… I love the sound it makes when I move my wrist).

My charms aren't worth showing but we learned… and both of us are looking forward to working with metal clays in the near future (before we forget everything…. Eek!... like I'm doing with soldering).


Gabe's hockey season is over. Didn't end on a pleasant note, but everything you go through makes you who you become. Ew! That sounds WAY too schmaltzy. Shrug.

We are looking forward to a few camps we've signed up for this spring and summer.


Both kids just got their semester report cards. Other than having to get her PE grade fixed, Mon got straight A's. Gabe got a 4.5, but I don’t know (off hand) if that's straight A's or not 'cause he's in AP and honors classes… weighted grades.

The Future

Mon has pretty much narrowed down what she wants to do with her future. It makes sense, too. Should have been able to see this one, but I was thinking about all the other things she enjoys (hockey, art, etc.).

I'm not sure EXACTLY what the title is, but I think she starts by getting a degree in Animal Biology. Wildlife Conservation is, I think, what she wants to do, or wildlife rehabilitation. And she would be ACES at it! This is the girl who, if I say no the stray dog may not come into our house, will sit outside for hours petting the creature until we find a solution.

Oooh, would love to take Monica to this:

Anyway, time will tell and we always keep an open mind. I think it's a tough career to get into and most likely very low-paying, but if it's her path it will work out perfectly.

Gaffer Girls
Thank you for the lovely comment! I went VERY slowly and actually found your blog (I have no idea why I can be so computer illiterate sometimes). How lovely all the photos are. You make me want to start torching again!!!

Lori Anderson
Thank you so much for your support. Truthfully, I didn't know what a huge undertaking it was when I started… but then, you know how it goes… you have an idea and it just snowballs. The SRAJD members are so supportive, though, and really make us feel like we're building a community. BTW, I LOVE that diabetes awareness bracelet (from Feb 15th entry). And the one you show in Feb 8th. Well, also all the ones in between and before, but… okay, I'm a jewelry ho. Sigh…

Cindy Gimbrone
Thanks for the comment! BTW, loved your blog post on Feb 3rd. But gosh darn I got segued (okay, I *allowed* myself to be segued) into seeing which tarot card I am. Heh… the Tower, btw.

Hot Rocks
Hey, I'm a Cancer too! Oh my gosh… so many cool blogs to read, so little time. Thanks for commenting on my … um… attempt at organization. I'm actually further refining this for a future SRAJD article. Stay tuned… (P.S. Enjoy your vacation!)

Sign Off

Remember that night a few weeks ago when I was blogging at a really late hour 'cause I wasn't tired. And I was showing you some neat stuff on eBay… but then I got into placing a few bids… D'oh! Anyway, I won everything I bid on. Yay! And now I wanna go make some jewelry. Maybe tonight. Oh, I did get some photos done of new stuff… maybe I can list them tonight (or start anyway).

I'm gonna say good bye for now… got things to do, but I'll check back in without as much wait next time.


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