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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The $64,000 question... what to charge for my jewelry creations

Well, just spent a couple days taking care of Bear… he had an intestinal upset. He seems back to normal now and it was less than 24 hours, so we'll just keep an eye on him now.

It's amazing, though, the things you CAN'T do when you're taking care of a sick dog. At first I though, "Oh, I'm here anyway, I may as well sort beads." But as soon as I got everything spread all over the living room floor… well, let's just say I ended up shoving everything into a corner and spent a lot of time the rest of that day just cleaning the carpet. Hmph!

Still want to get over to Tap Plastics soon. I can't find the black acrylic piece I had to photo shoot on, so I need to pick up another one. D'oh!

SRAJD is still taking a lot of time, but we are slowly getting to a more organized way of doing things.

The $64,000 question... what to charge for my jewelry creations

Oh, that reminds me ('cause I also have this link on the resource page of SRAJD)… I updated that component pricing webpage I have. Take a look…
Prices of common findings

Other Listings

Also, I got another Pricing Calculator listed in my Etsy store. I plan to have them offered on eBay, ArtFire, and BrackenDesigns too, but I'm kind of slow.

New Jewelry

Hm… can't remember if I showed my latest listings yet… so I'll just show little pictures and if something piques your interest, click on it and see much better photos.

Hello fellow Cancerian. You had me laughing out loud when I read your comment. BTW, do you post on the Beads and Buttons forum? I looked through your pages and you make beautiful creations. They'd love you over there! That's funny what you say about Melatonin. I know someone who says it induces nightmares. Eek!

Well, I'd better sign off now… still so much to do… papers to sort, packages to mail, ideas to file…

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  1. I do not post on B&B forum, I don't think I've ever been there. Perhaps I can check it out one of these days.

    I, too, struggle w/pricing my jewelry. I think it's a self confidence issue with me. Why would anyone spend alot on my stuff when I used to be fat? Oh wait, I'm confusing self confidence issues...