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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hockey, Jewelry, Rain, Olympics

Ooooh, almost missed a day.

Let's see... got up, had a shower, made some ball headpins ('cause Alex ALWAYS brings beads to trade and I don't currently have any jewelry that I think is her style), then drove to the secret clubhouse to meet up with Alex.

Had a fabulous lunch (but a little too much) with great company... then drove to the San Jose rink to watch our team take 62 shots on the Cougars who weren't able to get even one shot on our team.

Drove home and watched the rest of the USA/Canada hockey game. That was fun!

Took pictures and am listing now.

Listed this on eBay:

Oh and Gabe's team was filmed at practice tonight and should be on the news at 11:10.

And for the record, I'm opposed to guns in national parks or anywhere else.

Okay, TTYL!

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1 comment:

  1. Now everybody is going to know about the secret clubhouse...*sigh*...well, ok...just don't show them the secret handshake ok? ;)