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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chicago, Day 3

Got very little sleep last night, but I'm not doing anything too active with my days so it doesn't really matter... I'm not even driving. Weird, huh? (Considering how much driving I do back at home.)

Today is Mon's birthday and I got to give her good news when she woke up (thank goodness in light of later events). We'd received an email from CAHA... Mon was one of three goalies selected from the district girls' select camp tryouts to move on to the next round (in Seattle in May). There are some alternates names, but I don't know if they only fill in if one of the three can't make it to the next round or if they just decide on those later (this is our first year trying out).

Anyway, the team played game two here in Chicago today and got squashed pretty well... but at least it was to the second place team in the nation.

They play again tonight. I don't think it'll be as brutal but it may still be a pretty tough game.

The coaches were really nice to the team and to us parents.

Gabe's team has had a tie a win and a loss so far in El Segundo.

Oh, btw, I tried to send that snow picture to myself and upload it here, but it won't go yet. I'll keep trying.

It really is amazing to think of all the technology I *am* able to use, though, to stay in touch, to talk with people immediately without TALKING to them, to find the right roads to drive on in a town you've never been in before... without a map. Very cool stuff.

Well, we're going to leave for game #3 soon so I'll sign off now.

Thanks for all the birthday shes for Monica!


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