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Friday, February 19, 2010

SRAJD Forum, and sharing some jewelry and beads

I want to start today off by showing you two things.

One, is a bead that was brought to my attention earlier this week. I’ve never been big on names for beads or jewelry… I mean, not at the expense of straining my brain to think of one. Know what I mean?

But sometimes words just flash into your mind when you see a piece. That’s what happened to me when I saw this bead. I got the phrase “high seas”. It was like looking at this bead I could instantly feel the cold water splashing over me with the salty foam at the tips of each wave.

Anyway, this is the bead… see if you agree with me.

(BTW, if you click on the picture, there are a couple more hours left for your bidding pleasure.)

Now, I have to tell you that I hadn’t read the beadmaker’s description until after I posted this. Heh… turns out she got the same impression from the bead as I did. See… I’m vindicated! :-)

Okay, here’s the second thing I wanted to show you…

My friend (now, let’s stop right there for a second… I’ve never met Jewlie… the one I just referred to as “my friend”… is it presumptuous of me to refer to a friendly virtual, acquaintance as “a friend” or is that acceptable and maybe even encouraged?)… anyway, today is Jewlie’s birthday and she’s having a special celebration sale on her Etsy store. The problem is her work is so dang cool that there probably won’t be much left by the time you read this. Eek!

Jam over to Jewlie Beads and have a look at her work… stuff like:


Alex and I have been working hard this week. It’s been a year since we started getting the website in proper order and began the ads on the site.

I hope to continue improving and expanding the website.

We’re rolling out new articles when time permits.

I’m going to be asking permission today of particular SRAJD members for us to use some of their photos on the site. I don’t like image-heavy websites, but I do think a little creativity here and there might be an improvement.


And since it still looks like there’s some interest, I’m going to see if we can resurrect the SRAJD FORUM. Come share your ideas, links, sales, etc.

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  1. Holy moly that's a big pic! And thanks for putting it on the blog, I feel famous now! :)

    Oh, and tell Mon I watched the women's hockey and she is EVERY BIT as good as any of those goalies are!