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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Snow. Wow.

So here we are in Chicago, Monica and I.

She's still sleeping... I would be too had I not set an alarm. I don't like to rush in the mornings, so I gave myself plenty of time.

I'll try to take some photos later today (but only with my phone, sorry for the poor quality) and upload them so you can see some of the things we're seeing.

The first game's at 12:30... not sure what time we're leaving for the rink... and want to make sure we still have a ride there... didn't rent a car.

The "suite" we're in is big. The bed is very white and very crunchy. They don't use fabric softeners on the sheets. :-)

Oh... my laptop still says California time! My cell phone updated automatically... but unfortunately it also changed everything in my synced Google calendar up two hours. Ugh! "Hey Mon, your first game isn't until 2:3O. That's weird... I thought it was at 12:30." Thank goodness I realized what the phone had done. I had to go through the whole weekend and change everything back two hours.

Well, it's morning and I see no reason not to post this now and then write again later tonight and post then too.

The team itinerary seems to have us pretty busy. Here's what we're supposed to do today: Game at 12:30 then White Castle hamburgers, then taking a train to downtown Chicago (I think we're in the suburbs at the moment) for Chicago pizza then a tour of the skydeck of the Sears Tower.

And check it out... I'm using a laptop... actually ON my lap! For the first time ever. :-) Typing on the couch. Nice.

Okay, have a good day. I'll catch up with you later.

And for those who know I hate flying... it was tolerable. Thanks.


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