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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back Home... it's like I never left

Y'know... what with hockey, hockey, and more hockey.

Actually, tonight I went after work to pick up bear. I think he had a great time at the baby sitter's. Not only did he have a cat to spend time with, he also had a little chihuahua.

How quiet it will be for him with just me here this weekend (the kids are at their dad's).


So I started watching this series. I think a major part of its success (and my interest) are the characters. One of the problems with watchng a bunch of episodes in a row rather than one a week is that it's much easier to see the similar pattern from episode to episode.

We'll see how it goes. I'm only on episode 17 and it's still very enjoyable.


I really have a hankering to do some art clay silver this weekend. Fingers crossed.

I want to email Hadar... stay in touch. I hope she'll still be doing local classes by the time the kids are out of school/hockey so I can start going there again.


Did I already mention that this trip to Chicago reaffirmed how much I don't like flying?

Have you been watching the Olympics? Mon and I were surprised to learn that the Russian goalie on the women's ice hockey team is only 16.

Okay, I can tell I'm tired now... I'm rambling.

G'night... hopefully talk to you more in depth soon. I'm considering a book... a collection of three subjects.


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