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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ganza Hockey Championship and Jewelry Goings On


Whoa… long time, no see. Sorry… I’ve been on the road.

Let’s start at the end first. Here’s Monica’s FIRST championship photo… because this is the first time Monica’s been part of a championship win (click to see a larger version).


So, being on the road, I made some “road jewelry”. Got some colorful gemstone earrings coming, a simple two-strand silver bracelet that I’m in love with, a black and white necklace, and a fringe (double-entendre) bracelet of silver and gold.

The peacock merely needs his tail now… and the silver leaves are polished and ready to be attached to the chain.

I don’t yet have anything on Friday’s schedule so I should be able to attend Hadar’s class… finally!


And I have to cut it short now because Gabe’s asleep and I have to wake him and we’re off to hockey… his… back at 11pm


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