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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The weekend's over... ALREADY!?

Today, I took things very slowly, very relaxed.

Got up and showered, decided to dye my hair. The only color I had was... well, it turned out to be rather burgundy, but I still like it better than gray.

I did a couple jewelry pieces, but nothing fantastic.

I added another layer (or two) to my two resin projects (one of which I'm pretty sure I'll give away on my blog).

The more I do things, though, the more I can tweak my techniques and get closer to the results I want.

Went to watch the Santa Clara Blackhawks tryouts (Monica had her tryouts a week earlier because she is out of town this weekend). Spent some quality time with Debbie. Didn't get to see Laura (soon, I hope, though). Got to spend time with Matt and Dann who are AWESOME people. Laura should feel INCREDIBLY proud of raising them into the people they are today. Oh, except for the money part... little sneaks.

I realize some people just aren't comfortable with accepting things from others. These people are usually the nurturers and givers of the world. The problem is, when they run into another nurturer/giver and they don't let that person do their thing, it can make the person attempting to give feel estranged. Please remember, it's okay to let friends do for you. Phft! I'm talking to myself as much as anyone else.

Okay, it's barely 9pm and I'm TIRED. Ha! I'm not going to do work... I'm going to go to bed early. Yay!

Tonight is the last chapter in the book I'm reading. Hm... what am I going to do now?

Oh, here's a picture I took of myself (without camera flash this time).

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