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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giving Away Resinated Shark Tooth Necklace and Showing New Jewelry

I think a long time ago, I was in the middle of a blog post… that never got posted.

Today I went through a couple pages of one of my email addresses. I responded to a few emails and deleted most of the rest. I also unsubscribed to many lists I was apparently on.

Why do I really hate drinking water when I’m not thirsty?

Okay, my brain feels fried… but at least I have an excuse (this time).

Gabe left southern California last night at 10:30pm. At 2am, I called him to make sure, y’know… he wasn’t getting tired and stuff. We ended up talking until 4:30am… when his phone ran out of battery and he was 20 minutes from the apartment. It was worth losing sleep to know that my son was fully awake while driving that boring highway 5 in the dark after a long day of hockey.

Speaking of hockey, Monica will be home (from Alaska) on Monday. So far I believe she’s seen four moose and a black bear. I wanna go to Alaska (but only in the summer).

I think she has practices with her Midget team on Wednesday and Thursday and then has a game on Sunday. School starts soon and the week after that is the Valencia tournament. She probably doesn’t meet up with her girls’ team again until October.


So I pulled out that old project I was working on months ago… the one where I was trying to embed CZs into silver metal clay… and was failing (they kept popping out during the drying process). Well, I went back to it. I put the escaped CZs back into their spots and put clay around the rims, but… well, it’s a lot harder than it looks. My hat is off to those who do a grand job at this. I imagine I’ll improve with practice, but for now… yeow!

Anyway, I baked the stuff last night and looked at it this morning. My pieces look cool. Nothing has popped off yet… but I still have the polishing process to go through. Fingers crossed.

I’ll post photos as soon as possible.

Oh, and I mentioned I was experimenting with resins, right? Well, here’s one I’m giving away. This is a one million year old shark tooth in resin in a fine silver frame with a fine silver bail and a sterling silver 18” rolo chain.

It’s not large… maybe one inch in diameter.

I’m giving it away because it’s imperfect… more imperfect than I’m used to. Ha ha ha! I’m okay with little “things” here and there than make something not look machine made, but I feel some things are too sloppy… this is one of them.

There are flat spots on the back of the pendant (where the resin stuck to the surface while drying) and there is a bubble in the resin and there is (I see now) a speck of something that managed to get in with the shark tooth.

But I figured someone might like it so who am I to throw it away.

So… let’s see… anyone out there want it? (BTW, I’d rather you really want it… not just say you want it so you can throw the charm away and keep the sterling silver rolo necklace for some other purpose.)

Post a comment on my blog before tomorrow at 6pm PDT and I’ll pick a winner at random from those who post.


It comes to my attention I’ve been rather remiss about showing my new stuff on here. My bad.

Here are the latest bracelets that went up (click a pic for more info):

And necklaces:

And since I can’t remember the last earrings I showed you…

I have some new items to list tonight too. Yay!

Upcoming: “Pearl-a-Palooza” charm bracelet, a necklace from my “Fidget Jewelry” line, ginormous copper earrings, and a simple copper bead necklace from my “Minimalist” line.


  1. OMG! Okay Laura, first of all... your pieces are spectacular as always! Secondly, I am super excited to see how your silver metal clay comes out. I have always wanted to try, but the investment is too much at the moment.
    And, as for the shark tooth... AWESOME! I grew up on the beach and I have TONS of sharks teeth. I have always used them in conjunction with sea glass to make pendants, but this... this is so awesome! It looks like it is floating!! I personally love it and I hope that it goes to a wonderful home... someone who will appreciate the mixture of nature and human handiwork.

  2. I like the shark tooth, I think you are way to critical like we all tend to be of our own work. I would be proud to be the winner of the necklace.

  3. Spectacular jewelry to say the least. Would certainly be impossible to pick just one favorite. Beautiful pieces.

    Now, about that shark tooth...may I be entered in the drawing please?

  4. I love the gold and blue earrings and I don't wear dangle earrings. The shark tooth is great, and I have a grandson who would love it. I love the idea that you stayed on the phone with your son in the wee hours....that's a good momma thing!

  5. I'm fascinated by shark's teeth, and I think your pendant is a super cool design.

    BTW, your "Daughter of Ra" earrings are sublime!