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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some new listings using old beads

Thanks Tina, for posting a comment about the size of photos on monitors!

Okay, let's see… what green things have I done lately? I haven't done too much of anything, green or not, because hockey has occupied me for many days in a row. But I should have some time this weekend to work on more projects.

And I have a package from Thompson Enamel at the leasing office… hope I remember to pick it up after my walk home (I'll be listening to the Sharks game on the radio). I don't really remember what I ordered, but I'm sure it will be fun. I also need to find my actual enamels.

Well, at least I got the "Large Handcrafted Bronze Textured Earrings" listed.

And then drawing from my bead stash, here are other new listings...

Faceted Amethyst and Citrine Large Beads Necklace with Sterling Silver

Turquoise and Sterling Silver One of a Kind Necklace

Bracelet of SRA Boro Lampwork Beads in Green with Blue Accents and Swarovski Crystals

Bold SRA Lampwork Glass Art Beads Bracelet in Red and Black with Bali Sterling Silver

And I got started on the listings for my new idea.

Oh, here are two large silver beads I made… they are sub-par so I'm keeping the bracelet for myself, but I do plan to try this some more. I like big beads.

Okay, I'll be back later with more updates of green stuff. TTYL!

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