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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Jewelry Sale, Cellphone Charging, Upcoming Bronze Earrings, and White Tea

White Tea

This product is great!


I am freezing. That's very unusual for me. I do realize the temperature has changed in the last few days here, but … I'm just not used to being cold no matter what. I think I'll take some Airborne and Vitamin C when I get home… can't hurt to try boosting the old immune system.


Oh, if you want to see a quick and dirty photo of some bronze earrings I got out of the kiln this morning, have a look at my Going Green jewelry blog.

Cell Phones

I don't quite have the hang of the new charging routine yet. When we went in to the Verizon store last week because I had fried my battery, we were told the following:

1) Let the battery run down to one or two bars before charging it.
2) Then, only charge it for between 2-4 hours.
3) Car chargers are for emergency charging only, not routine charging.

I've been out with my phone two or three times now when I ran out of battery because I didn't plan ahead. Shrug.


Gabe's team had no ice this past weekend and their scrimmage for the coming weekend is cancelled. Yikes!


I have a batch of bronze that came out of the kiln this morning, but I'm still experimenting with the pieces. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, just to liven things up… I put six of my items on eBay with starting bids of $9.99.

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