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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday... I'm still in love with Vermont/New Hampshire

We're staying in Vermont, but the camp we're attending is in New Hampshire. It's only a ten minute drive and the parts of each state that I've seen make them look the same to me. Although I'm leaning more toward Vermont since the population is less than 700,000.

When we were driving up here, Gabe and I were noticing the "moose" road signs. I told Gabe I'd never seen a moose. Then I shouted out, "There! Look, a moose!!!"

Hmph! Gabe explained that was a metal silhouette in someone's yard and real moose are much larger.

Fine! I got even with him later that day when we were driving up to find Dartmouth. He kept saying, "Maybe that's it," every time we passed a large building (and by "large", I mean oh about four stories high or something). I was trying to explain that Dartmouth was NOT going to be a building that we could miss while driving past.

As it turned out, it's a campus about the size of Rhode Island (or at least it seems that big). Okay, just looked it up... 270 acres.

It's so much fun watching the hockey games among these four teams. And especially fun watching my son play on a great team.

Today was the "recruitment seminar". I know $48,000 a year is a lot, but you never know. At least Gabe's "academic index" (198) is good enough. (Can't get into any Ivy League schools if your AI is below 171.)

Tomorrow the kids get their evaluations. Again, Gabe thinks they won't have anything to say to him because "no one watches the goalies". He might be surprised someday to find out that someone is indeed watching the goalies and he'd better be "on his game" at that time.

Gabe has the nine o'clock game again tonight (ugh!) so it's another late one for us. Then back to the campus at 9am. Then they'll either have a game at 10 or noon (depending how they come out in the standings for the four teams).

That afternoon, we'll have to wrap up all our sight-seeing 'cause that's our last night here and we leave for the airport EARLY in the morning.

I can't get over how beautiful everything on and around the Dartmouth campus is. It's inspiring.

No cats though. I see a lot of dogs, but no cats. We've seen one since we were here... in Boston. He was a feral, living in the park. We were watching him hunt. My cats would go nuts here with all the trees to climb. I think I'll be sad to say goodbye to such beautiful country. Yes, there are things in Oakland that make life a lot more convenient, but I'm not sure convenience outweighs other things that I like.

I'd better go now. I only brought one jewelry piece to work on. It's for the Use the Muse contest I'm trying to enter. I hope to have it done and photographed in time to enter. We get back Thursday early evening and the first commitment I can think of is Gabe's 18AAA SJ tryouts Friday evening.

Okay, hope you're all doing well. Will write more later!


  1. I don't blame you for liking the beauty of Vermont ... but having lived in New England the greater part of my life, I do want to underscore that the winters up there are OUTRAGEOUS... ya need an SUV and two snowmobiles to survive! It would be ideal to summer there and winter in the warmer areas (hey we can dream, right?
    Have a safe journey home !

  2. The North East is great, but I can't see you lasting one winter in Vermont.

    Vermont makes Pittsburgh winters look tropical.

  3. I love Vermont! I used to do consulting work in Plattsburg, NY and would stay in Burlington Vt. and take the ferry across Lake Champlain.

    Enjoy it! You needed a break.