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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today was busy as heck... but the evening is early

Work was a real bear, but it's over now and I'm at home with the kids. Since I did so much today, I feel like it's later than it is. Strange to think it's only 6pm.

New Torching Forum

There's a new discussion forum for lampwork and jewelry fans. I joined, but didn't even have time to look around yet.


The SRAJD Members Guild is taking some time out of my day, but I really like it. Some nice people and fabulous jewelry. I hope more people start feeling comfortable enough to post.

Mini Beady Jam

Four of us are supposed to get together this weekend to eat, socialize, share new creations, and discuss the Bay Area chapter and an upcoming get-together.


Okay, I was keeping this posting short 'cause I am missing creating. Want to get over there (the coffee table) and get to it. Look for some upcoming lampwork creations... sorting my bead collection reminded me of all the awesome beads sitting in the dark screaming to be made into jewelry.

So... talk to you tomorrow (lots of info coming up tomorrow!).

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