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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tallying Up Last Year's Jewelry Sales

One of my favorite things to do in January is tally up the previous year.

I like to see how much I spent and where. I like to see what types of pieces sell and which ones don’t. And I like to see WHERE most of my sales come from.

Here are the percentages of my sales:
0% Artfire
4% Etsy
4% Private (people buying things from me outside of any formal selling venue)
41% eBay (auctions = 4%, eBay store = 37%)
51% My website (www.BrackenDesigns.com)

And the percentages of WHAT sold:
28% of sales were earrings
36% of sales were bracelets
36% of sales were necklaces

And now it’s after 10pm and I want to crawl into my nice warm bed and read my book (The Hunger Games).

I’ll leave you with a few more recent listings from my shop. (Click on a photo for more details)


  1. Hi ... I liked 'Hunger Games' ... stayed up late reading for sure LOL

  2. re: 563 Tourmaline

    without the shot on the wrist, I would not have been as impressed, it shows a delicate lovely piece

    shine ~ what if you used a lite spray of clear matt acrylic finisher (that some use on pastels) the color is great ;D

  3. Elli, it's the only book that has had me stay up late reading in decades. :-) I'm rather sad because I'm past the halfway point. Hate to see a good book end.

  4. Elli, thanks for the idea. Maybe I will experiment with a clear matt finisher.

    And thanks for commenting on the use of my model. I'm so glad my model shots help people see the jewelry better.