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Friday, January 13, 2012

Firing up the Kiln, Picking Tangerines, and Winter Magic

”We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin

I want to get back into metal clay, but the amount that I’ve forgotten, combined with the amount that that’s changed has be realizing I’m going back to square one.

Today I made simple pieces (just textured discs, most likely) and will be testing my kiln settings.

I hope this goes well. I enjoy the process of working with metal clay… the rolling the cutting, the sanding and polishing. It’s very calming because you have to move slowly.

Working with clay forces me to “think ahead”… something I’m not in the habit of doing.

Phase one in the kiln is done. I’ll fire the pieces at phase two tomorrow morning. I hope no one pees or sprays on my kiln while it’s vulnerable (on the cement patio, raised up only on kiln bricks). There are two unneutered toms in the area. Hmph!

I mention this because someone DID once spray on my kiln. And yes, there is something worse than the odor of cat spray… it’s cat spray ramping up to 1800 degrees. The smell has mostly faded from the kiln brick and the fiber blanket at the bead door has been replaced (thanks to the kindness of an LE soul).

And wow… I really hope the raccoons don’t think it’s something to play with, even after the kiln cools down. I’ve got STUFF in there.

Wonder if I’ll get any sleep tonight.

I hope I don’t have to build some kind of caged fortress for my kiln. That wouldn’t be a lovely addition to the patio.

Oh, got a couple of nice photos of my Alaska kid over Christmas. She was taking full advantage of our nice weather here and picking tangerines from a tree in the orchard.

And from that… here’s a necklace I made called Winter Magic… don’t you just LOVE that Lampwork bead? Was made by a local glass worker by the name of Vanessa Hahn.


  1. Love the pic of Mon! And I hope you bring some tangerines when we get together!

  2. Oh great idea. Thanks for letting me know you'd like some (the tree is SWARMING with them). We also have a grapefruit tree that is overflowing.

    Make sure to remind me before I come over!