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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Use It Or Lose It and Logging Out of PayPal


Here’s something you should know if you shop on Etsy: If you pay via PayPal, when you are done and the page returns you to Etsy, you are still logged in to your PayPal account. Yes, after the usual amount of time it will “time out”, but if you prefer to be overly cautious (as I do), you will open another window (or you can do it in your current window too) and open PayPal (you’ll see you won’t have to log in). From there, you can log out.


Today I compared how many items I have listed in Etsy versus how many items I thought I had listed in Etsy. There was a discrepancy. The missing items weren’t in DRAFT, EXPIRED, or INACTIVE. Shrug. Sometimes I feel so lost. I like everything to have a reasonable explanation, but it seems there are so many things that defy explanation.


As I was closing one of my drawers in my bead dresser tonight, I glanced down at the contents and saw some beautiful big hole beads. Big hole beads that had been sitting in that drawer for over a year… WAY over a year.

And I was instantly struck by two things. One, my current efforts to downsize. And two, my ever-changing interests. Let’s tackle #1 first.

As I get rid of “things” in my life, I find myself throwing out, giving away, or selling many things that I had the intention of using SOME DAY. Well, my ability to create was much smaller than my ability to collect art supplies and crafting materials, and things easily got out of hand regarding my intake versus my outgo. The end result is that I have to get rid of stuff and it’s rarely at a profit, if you know what I mean.

Okay, #2… sometimes I keep things because I’m not ready to use them. I figure I have to wait until I have the PERFECT idea and more skill… or something. Shrug. Well, what I’ve learned about keeping things is that my interest in doing certain kinds of techniques or designs changes and that framed pendant I bought two years ago and was going to make into a certain kind of necklace but didn’t … well, now it’s just sitting there and I no longer have the desire to make that necklace. My style has changed. The problem is, it’s not just one pendant… it’s hundreds if not thousands of beads and components.

So I say embrace your ability to just use up everything you have. :-) Tomorrow is a new day and you have no idea what you’ll feel like making or what components you’ll come across. Use what you have now to make room for new things to come into your life.

Okay, internal peptalk done.

On to the jewelry. (Click a photo for more details!)

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  1. I just love your take on the ability to collect VS the ability to create. Cool insight! I think I could create more if I remembered what my initial idea for a piece was in the first place....but then, my later ideas can be better, too :)