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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Wall Art, Kumihimo Video Tutorial, Sign up for email notifications now


I haven’t been too experimental this week. Oh, I did make a wall hanging…

I plan to continue my foray into wall art.


After watching this really well-made video on Kumihimo, I took the plunge and finally bought the book that had been in my Amazon shopping cart for the last three months. I figured it’s something I can do maybe in front of the tv in the evenings when I’m too tired for things that take more concentration.


Here’s a piece I had a lot of fun with. I etched, then enameled the copper leaf shape. It seems a great color to match the BHB I put on this great silk ribbon and once I patinated the sterling it all blended together well.

This bracelet’s pretty wild. It features ginormous Quartz Crystal beads and vintage tin bead caps made by Donna Millard .

I am so in love with these beads (and really mad at myself for forgetting the lampworker’s name who made them…. I’m pretty sure I saw them on LE… and I can GUESS whose they are, but I’m not sure).

And these are rather eye-catching.


I added a new gadget to my blog here… if you look over there on the right-hand sidebar, up near the top, you’ll see a way to follow this blog via email. (You get notified when I post a new entry.).

Here’s a really heart-warming video about a guy on a motorcycle who rescues a stranded calf.

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