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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just checking in

Good grief… I promised myself I’d get to get early tonight. Hmph!

Friday, Mon and I drove to Bakersfield and caught a Junior Condors (WSHL) game. In the morning we continued on to southern California for the girls select camp tryouts.

Got back around 2am last night… neither Mon nor I could fall asleep so we watched a movie. Then I woke up early (habit). I sorted some papers, then we watched the all star (NHL) game, went to a Tech (HS hockey) game, went grocery shopping, then came home and started cooking (gotta have healthy choices ready to eat every day).

Made two pots (Monica ate the first pot!) of quinoa, got a beef and veggie stew in the crockpot, made a quinoa and white bean salad, and hard-boiled some eggs.

I actually have some new items to list. No hockey for me this week so I should be able to catch up on quite a bit. I’ve got a couple pieces ready for the kiln. I’d love to do some more bronze clay, but I’m out… maybe I can call Hadar and see if I can go over to pick some up Tuesday.

Okay, heading to bed now.

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