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Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Listings, Shark Tooth Debacle, More Great Artists


If you like working with polymer clay (a highly underrated medium, IMO), you have GOT to put Chris’s blog (Crafts by Chris) on your list of favorites.

She is TOTALLY one of my most favorite clay heroes and she’s so freakin’ generous in her blog with inspirational photos, tips, tricks, etc.

And speaking of artists I admire, let me make sure you know about Gina DeStevens of GMD Lampwork. She is a wonderful lampwork artist and a super nice person.

Here are some of my favorites from her magnificent gallery of work:

And these, which are currently available on eBay (for less than 24 hrs, though):


Thanks everyone who commented (and I did take all the comments even if I didn’t approve them until after the deadline… I get emails when they come in). The winner is Truly Younts… but I explained to Truly (who is always so gracious) that after I posted that, the resin in the charm developed a haze. I’m so disappointed. I will continue to experiment and try to determine if it was me, the embedded item, or the resin. Fingers crossed!


Yes, I actually have some metal clay to show you.

Here are the new listings made of fine silver (clickable photos):




Then there’s an off-center necklace in neutral tones with a lampwork focal.

And one more quad necklace (these are flying off the shelves!).

Whoops… I’m more behind than I thought… sorry… here’s one from my line of “Fidget Jewelry”.



And one more… yikes!


Monica’s still in Alaska. She gets back on Monday, has two practices and a game then is supposed to fly out to Ohio for three days. Then she’ll have her first week of school (Junior year) then we go down to Valencia for a tournament.

Gabe’s still here and we’re enjoying some quiet time together. Last night we made fajitis, guacamole, and zucchini bread (thanks Laura B! who is not me).

Well, I’d better go. Still tons to do. TTYL!

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  1. Gorgeous Jewelry Laura! Thanx for Sharing. Love the Bronze Pendant! And Thanx for the Laugh. =D) Mx