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Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Alaska Updates

So... today she tells me she ate a "moosedog". Yep... a hotdog made out of moose. I didn't even know people ate moose. And WHO got her to eat a hotdog?!?! She doesn't eat hotdogs here!

Sounds like she's having fun, both on and off the ice.

Speaking of hockey, though, I have to admit something... when it comes to youth hockey there's something even worse than all the driving. Making decisions. Today, was one of those days when something came along AFTER we'd already committed to something else. I hate regrets so I try not to have them... no "might have beens" or "what ifs".

And still speaking of hockey, today (and tomorrow and Monday) are the tryouts for the team Monica wants to be on. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Now, what have I been up to? Riveting and hammering and finishing a few pieces that have been laying around wondering if they were going to be "unfinished" the rest of their lives.

Alright... my eyes are closing... TTYL!

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