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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just lettin' ya know why I've been quiet

Well, we've been in a bit of a tizzy this past week. Mon came back from New York and practically within days we're sending her off to Alaska for nearly a fortnight.

Seems Gabe is leaving for the opposite direction at the same time or soon.

So we're making sure hotels and airline reservations are in order... shoes and replacement hockey sticks are bought... skates are sharpened, clothes are cleaned, etc.

Monica is also at tryouts this weekend.

And I'm madly trying to squeeze some creating in here and there because I've made the split between my beaded jewelry and my forged (or more handcrafted) jewelry. So I actually have to GET some forged jewelry up and running. :-)

I actually DO have three small pieces made for the new section... but I still have to photo them.

Monica's been great. She's working on items for the the beaded jewelry portion of the business.

Oh, and we're also taking care of a neighbor's dog and cats.

I think things will be much more quiet in a few days... maybe TOO quiet.

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