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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Harold Cooney Listing, Metal Clay, Driving Lessons, Jewelry, and a Short Survey

Hi everyone.

I have a short survey for anyone who doesn't mind answer 2-3 multiple-choice questions (we're talkin' seconds here). I'd really appreciate your help as this survey has to do with my upcoming (maybe even tonight!) gratitude jewelry.

The Survey



Tonight's hockey has been moved to Friday, so I will try to get some photographs done tonight.

In the meantime, entertain yourself with my clearance sale.

Driving Lessons

Gabe's getting more and more driving in, but I told him yesterday that he won't have a clue how to drive during daylight. Ha ha ha! Seems all we ever do is go to hockey practice. But he should be able to get some daylight hours in this weekend. He can drive the whole five minutes from our apartment to the Oakland Ice rink. Heh… He'll probably also opt for the 7am drive to San Jose Sunday morning… VERY little traffic.

Metal Clay

I got two silver beads out of the kiln this weekend, but the jewelry I wanted to make around them isn't coming together quite yet. Hm…

Update… now that it’s 8pm and I’m starting to drag. Ha! I’m SOOOO a morning person. Okay, I just don’t feel like taking pictures tonight. Sorry. Maybe I can get them in tomorrow before Gabe goes to hockey practice.

I made (as in COMPLETED) three of the “Gratitude Reminders”. Not sure how they’re going to be received. I mean, looking at them, you would never get the impression they have anything even remotely to do with… metaphysical or “feel good” type stuff. They don’t have positive mantras stamped onto them or anything like that. Hm… hope I didn’t go too “out there” this time. Well, I like ‘em and that’s all that matters. :-)

Rather than do photos tonight, I’m going over to those two pieces of silver I made and I will tell my beads to help me make the bracelet I’m envisioning. I mean, how hard can it be, right?

Something neat…

I thought this was rather cool… different…

A Harold Cooney (I’m probably spelling his name wrong, though) Lampwork bracelet (sort of).

Well, I’d better go… or even that simple soon-to-be bracelet won’t be happening. ‘Night!

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