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Sunday, October 4, 2009

End of Weekend Wrap-Up

The perfect ending to a perfect(ly relaxing) day… Sense and Sensibility with no commercials.

Monica also had a good weekend… a game Saturday and then a fun day with her team on Sunday.

Gabe didn’t get any hockey, which doesn’t please him, but that happens sometimes.

I changed one detail about my Gratitude Necklaces, and we’re much closer to getting them listed.

Earlier in the weekend, I finished some small bronze projects… they’re in the kiln right now (but I kinda blew the firing portion of it… ugh!).

Oh! Very exciting… I sorted out my work books. After cataloguing them (so I quit buying duplicates!), I sorted them by groups (glass, pc, metal clay, color, gemstones, metal techniques, wire, chainmaille, ethnic jewelry, art nouveau jewelry, vintage jewelry, Egyptian jewelry, etc).

Heavens! It’s 11pm!!! Darn! Gotta go to bed now. TTYL!

Oh, before I go, heads up on a clearance sale of a few of my eBay items…. Boro, Vermeil, Sterling Silver, Etched Lampwork, etc… all starting at $9.99 with no reserve. Have fun!

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