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Friday, October 30, 2009

Catching Up and a Very Good Article on Silver

Yep, the longer break I take between posts, the harder it is to come back. I really must try to stay "in the flow" even when I'm running around and away from home.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. Ha! Oh well, Friday's almost as good.

This weekend, Mon has a game and a goalie session. Gabe is working with some classmates on a school project, and he only has a practice, no games.

I've got some butternut squash tamales and a nice bleu cheese salad so all I have to do is pick up a bottle of dark beer and I'm set for the evening.

Now, what will I do with my one free evening? Oh, the possibilities.

I'll probably "make" stuff tonight and then I can photograph tomorrow or Sunday (although I'm really anxious to show you my one good silver piece).

I think I'll finish some bracelets I've been working on… nice chunky things with heavy silver wire and lots of lampwork. Then tomorrow I can maybe do some clay.

I want to make a trip out to the Sacramento area soon, but finding a big enough section of free time is difficult.

I guess now that I have a logo (did I mention that yet? That I made a logo… did I even SHOW you yet?) I should update my banners on eBay, Etsy, ArtFire… and my own website.


Here is an interesting article on silver I'd like to share with you. It's called "A Silver Primer" and it's written by June Culp Zeitner.

Now, I realize this was a short entry, so I'll try to have a LOT more tomorrow.


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