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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Jewelry Goings-On


I'm reading four books at the moment, three of which are virtually the same book. The exact titles escape me, but I'll try to remember them later. The fourth is a book I read in my teens and quite enjoyed… it's called The Initiate. But I took last night off and read (or looked at the pictures in) two books on Art Nouveau Jewelry instead. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate when at the kids' hockey practices… lots of interruptions. But lots of new ideas. So my gratitude for today is to all the artists whose work I see on a daily basis that inspires the heck out of me.


I have an amazingly exciting project coming up. I hope to have the first ones ready to hit the market as early as next week.

They are Gratitude Charms. Mostly they will go on neck chains, but if so desired they can also be bracelet charms or keychain charms. I don't really want them to be car charms or bookmark charms because the whole point is to have a constant reminder of how grateful you are for the things in your life. We all are. But sometimes we forget to think it, say it, really appreciate what we have. The Gratitude Charms will actually aid in bringing more positive things into your life… more things to be grateful for (and yes, you may end a sentence with a preposition… did you know there's no grammatical rule against that?... what were our teachers thinking?!).

And aside from that, I have a creation that came to me in a dream last night. I will see what I can do about sketching it out and translating it into something I can handle.

Which reminds me… yesterday someone on facebook commented on my nice color combination for a pair of earrings I recently listed. I mentioned that I had made those earrings based on a color combo sheet I had made up in WORD of some of my favorite color combos. Here… I'll share it with you.

Tonight at hockey I'll try to finish the project with the ArtBeads.com beads. They were nice enough to send me some really awesome Swarovski components… the least I can do is finish my project before the end of a year. Ha ha ha!


  1. I would be interested in finding out the titles of the books on Art Nouveau jewelry that you are reading.



  2. Yannick Noah was doing that between the legs shot when Roger was a baby--plus Yannick had some of the most awesome dreadlocks in the history of mankind. :-)

    I have no idea why there's no footage of it on YouTube.