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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cameras (and the never-ending search for the perfect jewelry photo)

Okay, way too many days have passed without an entry. I apologize. A lot of busy things… and a lot of thinking.

Nothing too specific… just stuff.

Let's see, where do we stand now?


Gabe has a scrimmage this weekend. Mon has a goalie session.

Speaking of hockey… and Gabe… I'm helping Gabe's team keep their website updated and such. Wow, talk about a learning curve. I'm kind of cramming to learn how Google Sites works. It is, however, a step up from when I was trying to learn how DreamWeaver works. Ha ha ha! That was such a joke. I couldn't make heads or tails of the instructions.

We're falling into more of a routine now. Mon and Wed we're in Fremont for Mon's hockey and Tues and Thurs we're in Dublin for Gabe's hockey. Friday I take class in Berkeley… and then the weekend is filled with games, practices and lessons.


Yeah… hm… so, I'm getting VERY frustrated with my photo-taking lately. I'd like to blame it on my ten-year old camera. I know to some I sound like the anorexic who sees a fat person in the mirror, but people who know a lot about good jewelry photography will easily see what I'm talking about. My photos are sub-par… and seem to actually be spiraling downward.

I am trying one new thing… if it works, I'll tell you about it. If it doesn't work, I'll probably STILL tell you about it but I won't go into as much detail.

Since the main place I see my photos is on the computer, I'm also going to look into my ability (or inability) to correctly use my photo-editing software.

Today I learned a few new things... mostly in the area I'm worried about… resolution.

Oh shoot… gotta go! TTYL!

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