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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Movies, My Kitchen, My Work Space

My Work Space

How come I can’t seem to work in a small area… and/or clean up after I’m done? Yeesh! My living room looks like a disaster.

My Kitchen

Gabe has made it possible for me to be happy in the kitchen for quite some time. The other day while I was at work he cleaned the kitchen. Now, when Gabe cleans the kitchen, he really cleans the kitchen… not only doing dishes and putting things away, but he also scrubs every spot of the stove, including the burner pans. What a sweetheart!


I’m watching the remake of Planet of the Apes right now… for the first time. I wonder how it will compare to the original. Hm… so far, can’t say I’m overly thrilled with the decision to take the most famous like from the original and completely change its meaning. But oh well, who really cares?

Okay, all of a sudden I’m sleepy enough to fall asleep… gotta go… talk to you later… most likely tomorrow.

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