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Friday, July 31, 2009

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Dreams… Bah!

I'm not fond of them. I perceive them as a nuisance. I know, I know… we have to have dreams in order to stay sane (or something like that). I can accept that… I just don't want to remember them… EVERY morning… hours' worth!

Here are just a few of the topics dealt with last night in la-la land: toy horses, Swarovski crystals, war, hiding under plywood, a broken garage door, a crowd outside the house, seat belts, co-workers, twisty roads, shelves… it goes on. Droll and time-consuming. Probably would have gone on longer except that SOMEBODY decided they had to go pee and notified me by breathing stinky dog breath in my face… ew.

Friday… Yay!

The kids will probably go play tennis again today. Not sure what we'll do for dinner. I need to pick up some veggies. Maybe I'll stop at that little health food store on the way home. If I get veggies, we can make stir fry or something.

Monica was mad at me for not waking her up when I got up this morning. She wanted to make me breakfast and probably wanted to walk me to work. Hard to wake a sleeping child up for that, know what I mean? I'll make it up to her. She can meet me for my walk home and I'll let her make dinner.

I forgot to ask Gabe if he wanted to play pick-up tonight… but since people have to be signed up early in the day, I want ahead and signed him up.


I think I previously mentioned their hosting migration (or whatever it was) and how it lost ALL my email (anything I had in there before the day of migration). Well, I just had a customer email me with the info that she tried to order some items from my site and couldn't… I'm trying to get details right now, but really… if their migration is making me lose more than just emails (as in "losing business") I will NOT be pleased.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Although I'm enjoying the book, I'm not sure yet how I feel about some of the messages. On the whole, I think Jubal and I share some common viewpoints. But there are parts of Ben Caxton that I can relate to as well. I'm anxious to see how the whole thing pans out.


Had a hard-boiled egg and a yogurt for breakfast. I think sugar and flour are my downfall so I'll see if I can avoid them for the most part. I guess I'll hit up the salad bar for lunch.

I feel like making something with lentils of beans this weekend. Maybe I'll get the crockpot out.

Oh, I should make those "Darisa potatoes" for the kids before Gabe leaves. Those were so freakin' yummy.

Going Green Jewelry

BTW, I don't remember if I posted it here, but I have a project… a year long project that I started a week or so ago. Have a look if you're interested.


I prefer London Blue Topaz to Swiss Blue Topaz.

And if I were to buy them online, it'd be at maybe the only online place I'll buy gemstones. MiGems

Alex and I were commiserating (again) about the sad state of affairs regarding gemstone beads. Because of all the misrepresentation out there, neither one of us feels comfortable buying online (except as mentioned above)… and the gem/bead shows are just as bad, unfortunately.

At the last show we went to, there were only two people we talked with who I felt were honest and knowledgeable. One of them focused on Turquoise (Alex would know their name) and the other one was in a back corner and had his gems labeled (and disclosed!) clearly and properly. In talking with him, it was clear he really know a lot about stones. I will look at my receipts and see who it was. Very, very trustworthy dealer.


I made a page on my website that shows some of the mandalas made by my tutorial. Now I'm going to email the people who bought the tutorial and see if they want to send me some of their samples.


You know what I like about gmail? A lot. But there are three main things it does that I really like. One, you can search… you can put in a word and it will bring up a list of all the emails that have that word in it. Very handy for people like me who don't delete enough emails. Two, it keeps "reply" emails together… like if someone writes to me and I write back and then respond back again… it's all in one email. Three, you can have it bring up a list of all the emails by any one particular sender.

Gas Mileage

Wanna know how much gas your car most likely uses? Go here.


Here are some thumbnails of pieces I listed recently.

I also listed this, but it's already been purchased. Yay!

I already have new stuff ready to shoot and list throughout next week.


mclainjewelry said: here is a LOLcat for the crafty at heart:

Hey! Thanks… I love that one!!! BTW, when I click on your blogger name, I get the message that says: "The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile."

Hope you didn't hide your profile because of me posting your blog link here every time you commented to me.

BTW, I responded to you in Etsy conversations, but again I have to say how thrilled I am with your art work… I wear that brooch practically every day.

Zoya Gutina said: 100% you're a perpetual student of life, dear Laura! :) I hope you're doing well!

I am! Thanks for asking and thanks for commenting.

I must say, that piece at the top of your July 24th blog post is outstanding. Just outstanding. Russians make fantastic models.

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  1. The blog link / profile thing was totally accidental... I never set it up... so now it should work.

    One good thing about old age is that you totally forget the books you read when you are young. When I was in art school, Heinlein was all the buzz ... I can't remember one fact about any of his books... time to start all over again *smile*.
    I envy your industrious posting... your store looks great. I need to get into photo mode again!

    Yeah I LOVE Gmail ... and the associated calendar and document pages. The only thing I wish it would do is sort columns such as "from" or "subject" like Outlook Express can.... but the search thing compensates.