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Monday, July 3, 2017

The Organizing Journey Day 14

Day 14 – Distractions Take Two, or Three, or Four

Tomorrow, a half a month will have gone by since I started and I’ve done barely anything.  When I look at the boxes and piles of “stuff” that needs to be sorted, I’m anxious. 

Worried about the huge amount of project ahead of me, but excited about the prospect of having some if not all of it sorted, organized, dealt with.

So maybe my goal for today is to be chill.  There are boxes of stuff.  Being upset about it doesn’t change the number of boxes.

I haven't done yoga or meditating in months.  I've eaten terrible food choices the past week.  I'm not taking care of myself.  I’ve got four custom orders sitting on my workbench (meaning on my list… they are nowhere near my workbench).  They are all right now only existing in theory, not practice.   And today I have to process SRAJD applications, clean a very messy kitchen, still do my outside chores, pay my bills, strip and wash my bedding, then get into the studio.  I've got to get all my houses in order.

And here’s the guilt.  Right on time.  Let’s remember, my two-day company just left.  I need to not be so hard on myself.  I can do this.  Just nose to the grindstone.

As I type, I’m looking at a variety of silver wire sitting in front of me (on my computer desk) and it’s taunting me with the possibilities of things I can make.  I did manage to make ONE thing this past week (in preparation for a class I was teaching).  I made this pair of earrings with my rolling mill (still sorting out the process).

I look forward to finishing the custom orders and start on new work.  So let’s get on with it!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and feedback.  It’s great hearing from you all and finding out that I’m not alone in this journey.  :-)  Share your tips, tricks, ideas and experiences too, in the comments section.

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  1. Love the earrings. Thanks for the updates. Gives the rest of us hope that we can also organize our lives too. <3

    1. Thank you for the compliment on the earrings. And thanks for reading my blog and encouraging me to continue. I know it's not been much of an "organizing" adventure yet, but it IS real life attempt to organize. :-)