Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bead Woven Cuff Bracelets

Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments on my previous blog post!

I actually played around a little bit today with patina stuff, but I won't be able to show you anything until tomorrow.

Oh Robin, thanks for letting me know PayPal's new card reader is also for Droids. Whoohoo!

So I don't know if I mentioned here, but I've been trying my hand at bead weaving. So far I've got two cuffs under my belt, and I learned a tremendous amount with each one. I look forward to bracelet #3 in the near future.

[Update: here is the tutorial for this bracelet on Etsy and on my own website.

(Click on a photo for more info)

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  1. The Designer Bracelets is made using twin beads in black and lilac and size 11/0 seed beads in silver. It's not my own pattern (thank you to Beadaholique for sharing) but I have adapted it slightly by weaving an extra seed bead between the twin beads on the outer edge, as they kept turning towards the inside.