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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Monica's First Enamel Project

Gabe (the one in the hospital) is doing better today. I'd like to thank everyone for their well wishes. For those who didn't hear, Gabe has a non-contagious condition following a mild case of pneumonia... it is called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (you can WIKI it if you wanna be grossed out) and ended up being WAY worse than the pneumonia.

But... he is starting to perk up today and he stopped taking the narcotics they were giving him for the pain.

So... after spending every day and night with Gabe since Tuesday, I gave Monica my full attention today. We went shopping (she needed required "tournament" clothes for next weekend) then ran into Michael's to finally get a shadowbox frame for my peacock.

We had a nice lunch at Fresh Choice then came home and I taught her what I learned last weekend about torch enamelling.

Here's her first (yeah, first!) project.

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